Emerging Till Dead 

Burrowing mole’s create hills above ground as a byproduct of their hard everyday work. 
The emerging mole sees the hills as monuments, erected to commemorate the work of their species. 
Having said ‘see’, star-nosed mole’s are actually blind, but they can see in a way 
Their nose’s work as eye’s, studying their underground surroundings for objects of interest or possible opportunities. 

The moles want their hills to be seen, as they are are a point of connection to the overground world. They are forced to emerge from the soft earth as the concrete and tarmac surfaces make burrowing impossible.

Above earth the moles really are blind,
Imagine relying on only one sense to get around,
Their star shaped nose is their only guide, 
It consists of 22 nasal rays which work with similar movement to a humans eye, a rapidly jerking motion as it jumps from one fixation point to another, a bit like reading. But they need the soil to read and above ground they are lost.

A light blow to the snout would kill a star nosed mole, it's the equivalent of a hammer to the brain, its that sensitive.