If It Starts to Fall Move Out the Way 

Gibberd Gallery
2017 / 2018

Thinking of a chair as firewood and a sculpture as something that could fall on you. This project works with relationships between objects and people, trying to understand how the movement and use of objects affects our behaviour.

The process of decision making is integral to this work, at what point is something decided? What are the things that people consider fixed in their environment.... has it always been there?

The primary motive in this practice is to gather material, an allowance of letting ‘stuff’ in. He offers an alternative vision to the agenda around subject-object, which is one of ‘Auto-construction’, an implication that something could make itself.

This show was the culmination of our first Harlow Artist in Residence pro- gramme. Asking questions of the local environment - what is sculpturally here, purely in a physical sense? Weight, material and size, often these are the pieces that do not move or change. ‘If It Starts to Fall Move Out the Way’ is an understanding of what value means both socially and commercially.

Treating sculpture as something functional, akin to a tool, he then asks questions of all functional objects. There is a space between the intention of sculpture or architecture and the reality of what context it exists in now. This new work is an observation, a binding together of public barriers, public sound, public intervention and seemingly new public spaces.